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Our primary motivation of being involved in legal cases originates with the perspective that this patient population deserves quality rehabilitation services as much as any other sector of the medical continuum.  Unfortunately, this perspective can be a fleeting element in the treatment of personal injury cases.  Our goal and purpose is to provide proven rehabilitation services via stringent ethical standards to assure the recommended and provided care be appropriate in both quantity and quality.  Adhering to high standards facilitates outcomes to be clinically based with scientific support culled from the best evidence available.  Addressing common challenges of patient involvement, motivation, and compliance is also important and as imperative as the quality of the restorative services provided.  These tenets of medical care and provider involvement are keys to the success of treating this unique sector of our patient population.

  • Letters of Protection are accepted according to our standardized legal protocol which assures appropriate financial arrangements that benefit all involved parties.  This protocol can be provided upon request and assures expediate care and reliable medical management.  We utilize our onsite team medical doctor, our physical therapist, and our behavioral specialists to assure the best combination of services for each injury case.  This allows every patient to receive the quality care and appropriate medical management they deserve in an expeditious fashion. 
  • Performance Testing utilizes objective clinical assessment techniques to assure validated human performance is documented for appropriate patients/clients.  Validating patient debility from an objective viewpoint has been shown to be admissible evidence and can be pivotal data in some injury cases.  This is a unique aspect of the services we provide and can truly be a game changer when debating client physical capacity.  Allow us to discuss how this information can be utilized and applied in appropriate cases.
  • Case Management can often be the unwelcome and overlooked administrative aspects of medical management.  This is a skill set that is often underestimated in the medicolegal decision making process.  Placed behind an experienced rehab team, it can be a priceless addition to obtaining favorable outcomes.  From assisting legal counsel with determination of necessary care requisite in each case if often found to be an essential component in successful resolution.  We can be involved in varying capacities along these ends depending on the case and depending on the comfort level of the legal team.  We will routinely seek approval from lead counsel prior to enlisting any treatment or diagnostic recommendations.    
  • Optimal Performance Training (OPT): no different that meeting the return to work needs of a work injury, OPT in turn will meet the need of your client in their return to work or return to life rehab process.  Physical Therapy primarily focuses on the injured areas, whereas OPT focuses on return to physical function and performance as required of the entire body.  For individuals to recovery capacity and ability to perform at high demand levels, OPT is the link to accomplish just that.  Graduating from Physical Therapy is just the first step, OPT is the last.  this is especially a viable service in full restoration for individuals who wish to return to physically demanding jobs or life activities.  These services are often associated with a comprehensive, multispecialty team and can require a coordinated delivery of services.