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We are unique in our services since we provide an experienced work injury team with the essential work injury management tools needed by most employers under one roof.  

  • Medical Rehab Team:  with onsite medical doctor, credentialed in work injuries, along with our Doctor of Physical Therapy, we can handle most any occupational injury requiring treatment and an expeditious return-to-work.  It is true to say no one wins with a work injury, but it also suggests work injuries do not have to be longstanding and expensive.  With appropriate medical, rehab and case management processes, most cases can be effectively and efficiently addressed with respectable outcomes for all parties involved.  With our experienced in-house one-stop shop we can make it look easy!    
  • Post-offer/pre-employment evaluations are a central part of our clinical services we provide.  They can include the incorporation with a medical doctor’s evaluation or not; and commonly include a urine drug screen for new hires.
  • Post-Employment assessments for return to work due to an employee’s work injuries can be invaluable for successful, and expeditious return-to-work.  Whether we are personally involved in an employee’s PT or rehab, we can objectify there capabilities to assure a safe process in performing their job.    
  • Fit-for Duty: typically termed as such for non-work related injuries, surgeries, or extended time off for unrelated medical reasons, this evaluation can provide objective data to make appropriate and safe rehire decisions.   
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE): historically utilized for work injuries with significant work demands, and to facilitate return to work decisions (lite-duty or accommodation) FCE’s are the best test to provide objective performance data.  This provides invaluable scientific basis for return-to-work decision making.  Assuring valid safe performance parameters that are job specific and applicable to essential functions, FCE’s are the best way to accomplish this.  Don’t overlook that if pre-employment medical tests are being utilized, they can serve to assist with a return-to-work readiness decisions are accomplished appropriately prior to returning to the work site.