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Treating pain and dysfunction is not always successful within the traditional, well-trodden, and tailored methods of standardized medicine.

Additional Resources We Offer

Adjunct therapies often prove to be a viable adjunct and essential component for some patients in the recovery process.  Offering such “off-protocol” alternatives like medical acupuncture, CBD, nutritional supplements, concussion specialists and neuropsychological testing can be invaluable services that facilitate the more standardized methods of modern medicine. If trying alternative methods without the full reliance on traditional means is your preference, we are here to facilitate and advise you.  



Additional Resources Include::

    Therapies provided by our Medical Doctor for chronic pain and utilized as an adjunct to our programs when needed. Dr. Dunn is our medical acupuncturist.

    We also offer a wide array of tincture, sprays, oils, and lotions that utilize the highest quality and legally compliant ingredients for your benefit. Speak with any of our providers regarding these items.

    Utilized as a key support service for our programs, behavioral evaluation and counseling is available as an adjunct to cases that require multidisciplinary treatment.

    Concussion specialists and neuropsychological evaluations (for cognitive dysfunction) are available for patients sustaining polytrauma and or closed head injury without positive brain imaging.