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What's Considered Injury or Trauma?

Physical damage which can result from simple accidents or injuries resulting from serious or life-threatening trauma.  Polytrauma (multiple injuries to several body areas or multiple body systems) includes some of the most challenging cases we treat.  Included in this specialized care category are patients suffering physical challenges resulting from car wrecks, work injuries, active lifestyles, mishaps, or falls by seniors.  Whatever your history, we can assist you toward a full and meaningful recovery via our many avenues of care.   Most falls can be prevented with appropriate measures. 

Injuries and Traumas Include:

    Personal Injuries are most commonly associated with an issue of liability (who is at fault) and thereby usually means involvement of legal counsel or an Attorney. Having legal issues in additional to the physical injury presents unique challenges that require experience and awareness beyond the medical aspects. People that unfortunately find themselves in this position need the best care available like anyone else. Avoiding the lurking pitfalls common to these cases are a specialty in themselves and we are available to assist you in the special aspects that these cases require.

    Sustaining an injury or having an accident at work is a huge category of patient we specialize in and treat. This system of care has many common pitfalls and barriers to overcome over and above the physical challenge of recovery. Having a successful recovery for the injured employee is often laden with challenges and advise and guidance through this maze in often invaluable to successful recovery. Unfortunately, Attorneys are often enlisted to assist in the process of obtaining treatment and benefits. Every work injury case is different and has its unique set of challenges. Allow us to assist you through the Worker’s Comp or Department of Labor maze which presents a unique set of challenges in most cases.

    Motor vehicle accidents are also a huge patient category we have opportunity to treat. This category is also fraught with challenges from liability concerns to attorney involvement. These are challenges over and above the inherent challenges of medical recovery. Finding experienced doctors and therapist to assist you with a successful outcome is important. We can help.

    Whether it is a slip or fall, a weekend sports injury or just being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, each patient sustaining injury from an unfortunate set of circumstances can also be challenging for the unwary patient. Let us assist you toward a full, meaningful, and preferred outcome.