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What is Physical Therapy?

PT is a discipline within the medical/healthcare sciences that evaluates and treats physical pain and abnormal function.  Within this realm, we specialize in orthopedic, musculoskeletal, and balance disorders which arise out of injury, aging, or medical conditions.  Most physical disorders are characterized by a change from normal or sub-optimal performance.  Stated differently, most physical disorders are accompanied with pain (or discomfort) coupled with an associated decrease in function.  Whether the need arises following injury or surgery or is intended to address the wear and tear from aging or over-exertion from work, sports, or life, PT is a proven component for recovery and optimal restoration.

Our Physical Therapy Services:

    Pain & Dysfunction are the key components associated with physical disorders. Both or either are considered a variance from normalcy – the state in which one’s physical performance, mobility, or movement capacity is good, acceptable, to standard, or normal. When either of these components is abnormal or not acceptable, a physical or movement disorder results. Both of these components are most likely to occur together. Pain is the primary driving and motivational component that brings patients in for Physical Therapy and is the primary reason Doctors refer patient to our services. The typical complaint from a patient is “It hurts when I do this”.

    Orthopedic is the medical specialty that treats pain and dysfunction to the musculoskeletal system. This system is made up of the interaction of bones, joints, muscles, and nerves. This is one of the 12 classical, key body systems and is responsible for movement, mobility, and locomotion; all physical activities. It is commonly associated with surgical options since Orthopedic Surgeons are the medical specialty that treat these types of patients and also often refer to PT. Causes of such disorders can be acquired or congenital. At MedCenter Rehab we are board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists who specialize in these types of medical issues and are highly trained, having additional clinical certification to evaluate and treat patients who suffer from these types of problems. Among them are fractures, sprains, strains, tears, dislocations, and degenerative or congenital conditions. Pre- operative (before surgery) and Post-operative (after surgery) and non-operative conditions can be evaluated and treated. Some surgical problems may be treated avoided or postponed with Physical Therapy.

    It has often been said that one should “consider surgery as the last option, but if it is necessary, there is no time like the present”. As Orthopedic Specialist, we recognize that most people do not want to have surgery. We also recognize aside from an emergency situation, surgery can be an option that most patients must progress to, provided once all less aggressive or risky options have been tried or considered. Your Orthopedic Medical Specialist (usually a surgeon) can advise you on your candidacy for surgical intervention and the urgency of needing or considering it. PT can be very important is determining the need for surgery and perhaps avoiding it. But if it is necessary, and under the right conditions, sooner is usually better than later since some disorders can get worse with time. We are available to advise you on this process and to coordinate your treatment with your Orthopedic Surgeon both pre-operatively (before surgery) and post-operatively (after surgery). Getting you physically and mentally ready for surgery is an often overlooked option in which we specialize in doing.

    Fall risk is a very crucial topic amongst the elderly since the majority of Emergency Room visits for seniors is due to falls; and the majority of falls are linked with imbalance or balance issues. Falls can often be prevented and are commonly unnecessary accidents. Prevention is a key component and balance training is an effective method to reduce the frequency and severity of falls which can plague our elder citizens in untold numbers. If you know someone that has fallen in the last 6 months, chances are they would be considered a “Fall Risk” to fall again. Associated injuries can be minor or life-threatening and one never knows which the next one will be. Allow us to assist you or your loved one to avoid this unnecessary and avoidable issue.

    Decreased mobility is a decrease in the ability to move, whether it involves reaching or walking. It is a common component of aging and is also a key component in recovery from injury or surgery. Falls are more common among individuals who lack movement capability, strength, and/or balance. PT’s are the primary specialist who evaluate and treat these components which contribute to and are associated with restricted physical capability.