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What are structured programs?

Structured rehab programs originated within the work injury arena, but now include applications in most all return to life, disability, and legal case populations. Such programs were developed for individuals who need more than just routine physical therapy, and typically require more intensive rehab usually requiring multidisciplinary formats. The common components of such programs are medical oversite, physical rehab, and behavioral counseling. Programs have proven to be a viable adjunct to assuring positive outcomes with more challenging cases or polytrauma.

These Structured Programs Include:

    A single disciplinary program intended to be more intensive physical rehab for longer periods than physical therapy work outs. WC is typically 2-3 hours per day, 2-3 days per week for up to 50 hours of participation. Outcome goals includes returning to work.

    More lengthy than work conditioning and includes behavioral counseling and medical oversite if weaning off opioid medications. WH is typically 3-4 hours per day, 3-4 days per week and is up to 160 hours or multidisciplinary care to accomplish the outcome goals of returning to work.

    A multidisciplinary program intended for individuals who have been unsuccessful with their response to medical care and are left with the potential of disability. They are very unlikely to be able to return to their previous job. FRP patients are similar to WH except a vocational component is needed in order to develop re-employment options suited for their limited physical capacity. A key element in functional restoration is to educate, train, and instruct the individual to become more independent in life activities and with less reliance upon utilizing medical treatment as the primary source of their long-term management.

    This program was developed to provide a structured program like Work Hardening to non-work related injuries. Specifically, OPT is intended for personal injury clients who need more rehab beyond typical physical therapy in order to returning to work in a safe fashion for more physically demanding jobs.